Welcome to Diamare

The turbulent glitter of the sea and the twinkling power of the diamond ...

Two vibrant natural elements as a lasting source of inspiration.

That’s the secret of Diamare.

The Belgian luxury label Diamare stands for exceptional jewelry with a multiple personality:

glamorous, contemporary and unquestionably iconic.

This exclusive jewelry as a reflection of your soul.

The tricks of the trade.

Choosing Diamare, is investing in a particular piece of art. Each design is raised to life with the greatest care. Our expressive designs are made by the best Italian goldsmiths, the diamonds are securely selected with an eye for the smallest detail and settled by the leading experts from the Antwerp diamond sector.  Pure craftsmanship!

This intensive process together with the sealed certificate of the Antwerp Diamond High Council that is included with each creation, ensure the exclusivity and authenticity of the Diamare label. Furthermore Diamare only sells directly to the end customer. In this way, the brand also ensure an optimal price-performance ratio at the highest level.

With our enthusiasm and discretion known we will be happy to invite you at one of our events or even at home with our world of exclusive and unique jewelry!

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